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Why hello!  My name is Heather and I am a stay at home parent of three school-aged kids, and I work part-time for a Private Investigative firm doing surveillance investigations (free advice: live an honest life and you won’t have anyone following you around with a camcorder!).  Within the following posts of  persmission2speakfreely, I share compelling personal stories, interview fascinating people, and “figure stuff out” by doing a ton of research and putting my spin various random topics (like serial killers, of all things).  My background is in politics and I have worked and volunteered on Capitol Hill for many years. In my free time I like to do fun family activities, read, travel, and hike out West.  It’s hard to pin me down and you don’t put baby in a corner, but if I had to summarize the reason I blog, it would be that I like to share interesting stories that point people to God – because God really is the lead writer and Editor in Chief of every story.  I write in a folksy and transparent manner because I don’t think I’m any better than you and I’m really not trying to overly impress you.  I don’t publish a lot (which is less work for you!) but my goal is to deliver great content with every blog post.  Sign up to receive my posts!  Now before you leave, check out a few things below real quick….


I can’t even believe that I actually now get regular internet traffic, and this post is the one that receives the most, and I think it’s because I actually provide a timeline of the day that two kids went missing in Maryland and because Raelane is so honest: What happened to Sarah and Jacob? A conversation with their aunt – Raelane Turner.

I am an over-protective mom of two beautiful teenage girls (and one boy), so I decided to do a “ton of research” over a period of four months to learn about all things pertaining to serial killers and other bad guys (and how to avoid them).  So here is all the work that you didn’t have to do:  Protecting our Girls from Serial Killers – Part I.

My daughter Khloe, who grew up in an orphanage for most of her childhood, tells about how hard and scary it was to come to America in her own words: My Adoption Story (by Khloe, Age 13).


It was practically a miracle that we even adopted our beautiful son.  Find out why here: Little Boy Lost (Logan’s adoption story).


I wasn’t overly thrilled with adoption and had a lot of fears, but we finally became parents here: a long awaited mother’s day.


Erik and I struggle with infertility (as you may have already guessed), and we share how we came to terms with that here: Infertility and Adoption – How I made peace with both.

I should never have landed a job working on Capitol Hill for so many reasons.  But I did.  Read my unique and honest story here: From the valley to the hill (part 1).


My husband’s grandmother survived WWII due to her own perseverance and God’s amazing protection. Read her story here: Escape from Latvia -Anna’s story, Part I.

Do you ever feel like you are not making a difference in this world because you are not famous and have no platform?  Click here: Small Things with Great Love.

Do you think you are a good conversationalist?  You’d better double check on that by clicking here: The Top 7 Conversational Styles that Drive us all Cray-Cray!

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