The world needs another blog

Hello, and welcome to Permission2SpeakFreely, my new blog! Because if there is one thing the world does not have enough of, it’s bloggers.

Wait!  Wasn’t blogging super popular like ten years ago?  Why yes… yes it was.  But guess what?  As with most areas of my life, I’m about a decade behind. (I just finished watching 24 by the way and it was awesome).  I would like to think that the blogging train has already left the station but I have one hand gripping the caboose.  The other hand is clutching a cup of Dunkins Donuts coffee if it’s before three pm or a glass of red wine if it’s after four. 🙂

Here’s a quick overview of the categories of things Permission2SpeakFreely will cover:

  • Wicked Cool Stories. One of my favorites is about a small group of people who did something very simple for several months before 9-11.  I believe that they saved many lives and possibly a Historic monument or two.  I will fill you in.  The story is found here: steps of faith -a 9/11 story
  • Interviews. I want to interview regular people with very unique and interesting perspectives.  For example, my aunt is a divorce attorney and she will be my first interview.  She is going to give us the inside scoop on why men divorce their wives.  I also want to interview a man who does a Deliverance ministry for Christians.  Can a Christian experience demonic oppression?  Yes they can, according to my friend Dave.  I sure hope he will let me interview him (I haven’t asked him yet!). I finally interviewed both my aunt and Dr. Appleby! Here: Confessions of a Divorce Lawyer; Confessions of an Exorcist.
  • From the Valley to the Hill. The blog will share stories about my long and winding journey from Onondaga Valley in Syracuse, NY to Capitol Hill, and all the twists and turns in between.  Plus some fun inside information. The adventure starts here: From the valley to the hill (part 1).
  • Caterpillars to Butterflies. I am going to get real and raw with you about some of my struggles and all the difficult yet wonderful lessons I have learned over the years.  I will share my perspective on rejection, infertility, waiting, adoption, and hard kids.  My struggles have made me the person I am today. Perhaps we can process issues together with perspective and hope.  Here is our infertility and adoption journey: My Thoughts on Infertility, Adoption, and a Mysterious Miracle (that hasn’t happened)(Plus a PS: for infertile women)
  • Guest Bloggers. If you have a topic and would like to blog about it, let’s talk about you publishing on Permission2SpeakFreely.
  • My own random thoughts about a variety of topics.

A few qualifiers: If you are looking for a fancy blog written by a girl with her whole life pulled together that is completely techno-savvy, then you should probably go to any other blog out there besides this one.  However, if you want a simple, down to earth, ridiculously honest, sometimes funny, somewhat educational and fun to read blog written by a very real and imperfect person, then welcome to Permission2SpeakFreely!

Why the title?  I’ve always loved this line in all the movies I’ve seen where a lower subject asks a superior “Sir, permission to speak freely?”  The Boss would smugly and slowly say “permission granted.”  I would always sit up a little straighter because I knew that a no bull sh#*%@  answer was on the way.  I hope that the culture of my blog will be just like this – real, raw and honest.  But also respectful.  And to that point, please feel free to comment, but let’s play nicely together and allow people to share their opinions without judgement. Politeness is a virtue.

It is my hope that you will enjoy Permission2SpeakFreely enough to continue to read it and I would be thrilled and honored if this blog can help you in some way in your own life!  Thanks for reading.



20 thoughts on “The world needs another blog

  1. Ragan Davis

    HiP, I am so proud of you and am so happy for you! Your intro is all I imagined and even wittier than I played in my head! I laughed out loud and am so eager for more…more of it all! I am thrilled to get on your reality train–whether it is still chic or not! Bring it, and sign me up for “real, raw, and honest.”


  2. Wow Heather! I too am really looking forward to reading more! You are such a talented and thoughtful writer… and i LOVE the title! Permission always granted! ❤

    I think it will be such a great experience for you… for all of us! And the interviews… just can't wait! I've always wanted to do that but just never made it happen. Learning about life and the lives of others, their journeys, successes, struggles… it's just gonna be a great experience and im glad you will be sharing it with us! btw… can't wait to hear about your journeys… especially the journey From the Valley to the Hill! Go Heather!


    1. Anonymous

      Hillary, get ready because I might want to interview YOU my friend!!! LOL. Thanks for 43 years of friendship. You are my FIRST and oldest friend and I love you to the moon and back!! Thanks for reading.


      1. That sounds like it might be a lot of fun… in a scary kinda way lol And, btw, being your friend over the past 43 years has been nothing less than an honor for me Heather… I feel so fortunate to know you! Love you to the moon and back too my friend!

        Standing by!


  3. sandie brown

    so excited that you are sharing yourself with the world. You are an inspiration and you are real. I love that about you. Can’t wait to enjoy some reading from your life/mind/world. “permission granted.”


  4. you rock. and I never knew a time when you didn’t pretty much assume “permission to speak freely” 😉 I love you Heav, and Im sure your words might just be what the world’s been waiting for these last 10 years 🙂


  5. Jennifer

    I don’t read blogs, but I am excited to read yours because you are one of the most honest people I know and I love all the ideas you shared. Can’t wait to read!


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